Karen Clark Salinas


Hi. I’m Karen Clark Salinas, a wellbeing coach, work-life architect, and teacher. I help professionals take charge of their choices to create the time, energy, and daily practices to rebalance their wellbeing and live a life of joy and meaning.

I’m happy to share my story with the hope that some of it will connect with one or more of your experiences. Looking ahead, I welcome the opportunity to make choices that perpetually infuse possibility into my life and the person I strive to be.

I am not quite halfway through my adult years and living a life that I love. That said, I haven’t always felt this way and didn’t even know it was a possibility to feel overflowing with joy. Not every day, but close. I want the same for YOU.

I am one of approximately 1,000 coaches from around the world who passed the new National Board of Medical Examiners Exam to become one of the first Internationally Certified Health and Wellness Coaches from the same prestigious board that licenses physicians. I am also a Mayo Clinic Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

I want to help professionals take the next step toward their best life of joy and meaning. Working with people ready to invest in themselves and motivated to make sustainable change towards the life they want to lead is an unparalleled honor.

My Family

Marriage, motherhood, chronic illness, divorce, remarriage, and caring for aging loved ones contribute significantly to my story.

My first marriage lasted 20+ years; the unforeseen end left me devastated. With lots of support, I emerged as a better version of the person I want to be, realizing I was offered the gift of a second chance.

My first marriage’s greatest legacy is three children in their twenties who are working hard to establish their personal and professional lives. It continues to be an honor to be their mom and support them as they seek joy and meaning. With great pride and love, they remain my greatest accomplishment.

In 2014, I remarried and blended multiple families. My husband has two sons and two stepchildren from a previous marriage. We collectively claim seven adult children and one amazing 3-year-old grandson. Family, in all its shapes and sizes, is what we value most. My husband is wise, kind, calm, and a great partner. He adds a lot to my abundance of joy!

Managing a Chronic Illness while Working

For about 15 years, I managed chronic Lyme disease and related health issues. I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, only to have it ruled out several weeks later. With a lot of intention and effort, my health improved. Currently, most everything is managed, including fatigue and lack of energy.

Working while managing a chronic illness is a protective factor for many, as it was for me. Plus, I needed the income and health insurance. Looking ahead, most adults will either work with or try to prevent chronic illness. Our workdays are long, so we must find ways to mix daily wellbeing practices into our professional routines, especially if we’re committed to getting the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep each night. While I know certain health conditions better than others, I believe that wellbeing can be enhanced with most diagnoses.

My Work

I am a lifelong learner which has resulted in multiple degrees and coaching certification.

I started working at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) almost 30 years ago, after earning a Masters of Social Work. I worked as a research assistant and instructional facilitator focused on lessons learned about the impact of school, family, and community partnerships on student outcomes.

I became interested in online learning and worked at the JHU School of Education to help create online modules and websites for special education teachers. I also served as the disability services coordinator for graduate students. During this time, I earned a Masters of Science in Educational Studies with certificates in instructional technology for online professional development and adult learning.

For the past six years, I have flourished as the communications manager for the Office of Work, Life and Engagement at Johns Hopkins University & Health System. Serving the Work, Life and Engagement staff and employees is a wonderful launching pad for Rebalance Wellbeing. Johns Hopkins offers a nationally-recognized portfolio of work-life strategies that support employees and their families. I bring my expertise as a “work-life architect” to my clients.

I have struggled with many of the same challenges you face. Even though I’m still learning, I fully understand that I am in charge of my choices. I am responsible for the joy and meaning in my life. Are you ready to wholeheartedly focus on who you want to be and the life you want to lead?

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