It’s about you!

Are you ready to re-engage with what is really important to you? Make small changes with ease that will add up to sustainable change? Intentionally invest in yourself?

Working together on 50-minute weekly telephone sessions over three to four months, you will take charge of your choices to create the time, energy, and daily practices to rebalance your wellbeing and live a life of joy and meaning.


Why Working with Me Is Unique

My personal experiences managing chronic illness while working, serving as a work-life effectiveness expert, and emerging from my most devastating life event to finding joy makes me unique as a health and wellness coach. And, I have a lifelong desire to support people as they pursue their highest potential.

I am one of about 1,000 health and wellness coaches who passed the first certification exam for National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC).

In addition to my health and wellness experience, I have the vantage point of working with individual employees as well as an organization on a broad portfolio of award-winning work-life services and programming. I have struggled with many of the same challenges you face, so I listen very attentively with warmth, respect, and compassion.

You choose where to start, how much to take on, and the pace of change. If you’d like, I’ll share research and best practices so that you can leverage your body, mind, and spirit to thrive and live the life you want.

My comprehensive program is not one-size-fits-all! The 10-Step Wellbeing Rebalance is grounded in:

  • Research and evidence-based practices
  • The belief that successful rebalancing efforts require choosing to integrate wellbeing practices into our professional routines
  • My personal health and wellness quest
  • My lifelong desire to help individuals reach their highest potential

I know it takes time and effort to rebalance wellbeing. We’ll start where you are, help you take charge of your choices, and find a sustainable pathway to wellbeing and the life you want to live. Your pathway to wellbeing rests securely on your values and strengths.


Karen helped me recognize that I was setting unrealistic goals for myself. She talked with me each week about my goals and helped me set smaller, more realistic and attainable goals. Then as I met those goals successfully, I added or changed my goals as needed each week. All the while, Karen helped me keep in mind that I should not set goals according to my comparison to or admiration of someone else. ~GV

I changed my ways while working with Karen. She and I had good communication. She listened and had a good respect of my wellbeing. I learned a lot. ~NP

My experience working with Karen was very positive from day one. Our first conversation was so open and so easy, it was as if we knew each other already. A very high level of trust was established within the first conversation. Now I am functioning very well, I can face the unexpected, sleep well, and enjoy life as I used too. It almost feels like a new me. ~CB