With so many adults working full time, it’s not surprising that many of us seek to balance work and life. Technology blurs the boundaries between work and home, leading to more work with fewer resources because employers see your availability as 24/7. Families of all shapes and sizes love and care for children and aging adults. Many people have homes and cars that require maintenance, and passions that need energy and creativity. There is a lot to balance …

In reality, work-life balance is a myth because it implies that your work and life are similar to neatly stacked boxes that offset one another on opposite ends of a seesaw. Instead, work and life constantly mix together depending on the day, responsibilities, schedule, season, stage of life … the list goes on.

How is your work-life mix? Are you work-life fit? Without intentionally focusing on your work-life mix, it’s likely you’re not fit. It’s easy to see how you might need rebalancing. Our workdays are long, so the trick is to mix daily wellbeing practices into our professional routines. Are you ready for more energy at home and at work and to feel accomplished?

You’re in the right place if you feel:

  • Tired, stressed, and overwhelmed at work and at home.
  • Guilty that you aren’t a better parent, employee, partner, friend, sibling, child, etc.
  • Resentful that everyone depends on you.
  • Concerned that one more responsibility may cause your house of cards to implode.
  • Anxious about upcoming changes or transitions at work or at home.

I get it. I plan to periodically tweak my work-life mix until I retire many years from now! What if you could take charge of your choices with my 10-Step Wellbeing Reset to …

  • Prioritize responsibilities at work and at home based on your values, strengths, and what you believe is essential to your best life?
  • Rebalance work and home so you have less stress and more energy and joy?
  • Make small changes with ease that will add up over time to create transformative and sustainable change for your wellbeing?
  • Add structure and routines to your work and home that will help sustain change?
  • Discover ways to help others be more self-sufficient, relieving you of some responsibilities and creating more time and energy for yourself?
  • Create an action plan that integrates your personal and professional lives so that you’re work-life mix supports effectiveness and progress at work and at home?
  • Thrive with thoughts, emotions, and stories that serve who you want to be?

Working Together

We will create a personalized approach that focuses on issues such as:

  • Practicing self care at work
  • Managing technology
  • Increasing quality communication
  • Working with a work-life perspective
  • Making time for fun
  • Engaging for personal and professional success

You choose where to start, how much to take on, and the pace of change. If you’d like, I’ll share research and best practices so that you can leverage your body, mind, and spirit to thrive and live the life you want.