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I am so excited to welcome 2019 and say goodbye to 2018. How about you? What plans are you considering? I plan to make 2019 a BIG year professionally. Typically, my plans would include goals for the upcoming year. I’m trying something different for 2019, however. I’m skipping the resolutions (aka goals) and running an experiment.

Goal Setting vs. Experimenting

I’m not opposed to setting goals. There is plenty of useful information about setting goals from sources such as the New York Times and the Mayo Clinic. That said, goals often carry an achievement mindset that doesn’t set people up for success. When we set goals, most of us rate them as successes or failures. There is little-to-no grey area and our emotions kick into high gear: good/bad, happy/sad, proud/disappointed, etc. Experimenting is objective, not subjective. No judgment or shame allowed. A gentler approach is to consider what we can learn and use those lessons to inform behavior change.

To kick off 2019, I’ve decided to experiment with a morning routine that allows me to focus on my business when my mental energy is the highest—first thing in the morning. Here’s what my experiment looks like. I will make needed adjustments along the way. At the end of January, I will evaluate my experiment to determine what I learned and what the next steps should be.

My Experiment to Kickoff 2019


Will You Run an Experiment to Kickoff 2019?

Is there an experiment that you would like to run? What will it take? You can find more information and a blank template for your own experiment in my eBook Design a Life You Love by Running Experiments. I’m ready to take charge of my choices in 2019. I’d love it if you join me!

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Goal setting often carries an achievement mindset that doesn’t set people up for success. Read the post about what happens when we set goals and a better way to have success instead of failure. #rebalancewellbeing #workingmom #goalsettingideas

Karen Clark Salinas

I’m Karen Clark Salinas, and it’s my mission to help women live their full purpose (work + family) without sacrificing wellbeing. I want to be the coach I wish I’d had when I was a working mom. Someone to help me get unstuck and live my life more intentionally. Marriage, motherhood, chronic illness, divorce, remarriage, and caring for aging loved ones contribute significantly to my story. I know for sure that, with my support, you can pursue your professional dreams while raising a happy and healthy family.

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