Wellbeing evokes the emotion of joy, but it is not a persistent state. In fact, pain, sorrow, loss, disappointment, and many similar emotions can precede or weave in and out of joy. As you likely know, challenges and successes are inherently part of life.

Living a joy-filled life that you love depends a lot on self-acceptance, mindfulness, curiosity, letting go of thoughts, emotions, and stories that don’t serve you well, living your values, gratitude, and many other practices. Wellbeing draws upon your inner strength and resources to thrive despite challenges and setbacks.

You’re in the right place if you feel:

  • Stuck in a life you didn’t imagine or plan.
  • Resentful that everyone depends on you.
  • Too old to live the life you want.
  • Unfulfilled and looking for greater meaning and happiness.
  • Afraid that your life is passing you by.

I understand because I’ve had similar concerns! Most days, I love my life. What if you could take charge of your choices with my 10-Step Wellbeing Reset to …

  • Discover the authentic you and strengthen your relationship with yourself?
  • Release self-judgment and treat yourself more kindly and compassionately?
  • Experience greater moments of joy and meaning?
  • Get unstuck and use your strengths to build a meaningful life filled with joy?
  • Make small changes with ease that will add up over time to create transformative and sustainable change for your wellbeing?
  • Create an action plan that aligns what’s really important to you to changes that continually propel you toward your highest potential?
  • Thrive!

Working Together

We will create a personalized approach that focuses on issues such as:

  • Freeing yourself from thoughts, emotions, and stories that don’t serve who you want to be
  • Being curious, compassionate, and courageous
  • Making choices aligned with your values
  • Writing your own story to create possibility
  • Living a life that you love

You choose where to start, how much to take on, and the pace of change. If you’d like, I’ll share research and best practices so that you can leverage your body, mind, and spirit to thrive and live the life you want.