Karen Clark Salinas


I’m Karen Clark Salinas, and it’s my mission to help women live their purpose without sacrificing wellbeing. I want women to thrive! To reach their dreams of a successful career and a happy and healthy family.

I understand you because I was you. You’re a high-achiever who doesn’t make excuses. But, you’re overwhelmed, disillusioned, or simply unfulfilled. You know this isn’t the life you are intended to live.

You’re under a lot of pressure with a challenging day-to-day schedule. You feel like you’re stretched too thin. You want to:

  • Eliminate the overwhelm
  • Create the work-life mix that allows time for your health and fun
  • Stop living with guilt and self-doubt that you are not doing enough in any area of your life

You look at other women who seem to have it all together and wonder why you feel so out of control like such a hot mess. And, why you can’t proactively make changes that stick for you and your family. You don’t know if you’re making the right choices and you question your ability to be a good mom, wife, employee, friend, and more. Unfortunately, no one has written the guidebook for pursuing your professional dreams AND raising a happy and healthy family.

You can have it all IF you define what having it all means for YOU. Then you pursue that vision boldly and unapologetically! I know for sure that you can reconnect with the joy you first had when you dreamed of a meaningful career and a fulfilling personal life. I’m here to help you.

Start Living Your Purpose without Sacrificing Wellbeing Here

Like most people, you want to change something that no longer serves you in work + life. Having greater energy can be the difference between making progress toward your desired change and staying stuck … and frustrated.

Take the Energy Drain Profile Quiz to identify your next best step to jumpstarting your energy and putting fun back into your home and work. Your next best step to pursue your purpose without sacrificing wellbeing.

After taking the quiz, you can request the Exhausted to Energized: Revive the Fun Mom Napping Within guide. The guide is customized to your Energy Drain Profile (mind, body, or spirit) with specific strategies to help you feel energized. Ready to put some fun back into home and work.

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Here’s Who I Really Am

In 2016, I asked a simple question and received an answer that changed my life. My youngest child was nearing the end of college and, unbeknownst to me, I was looking for my next big creative project. A good friend suggested that I become a health and wellness coach. Wow! All my life experience and education suddenly fit in a perfect box with a beautiful bow. I realized I wanted nothing more than to guide working moms to live their best life—to thrive.

My Joyful Life

I didn’t know it was possible to feel overflowing with joy. Not every day, but close. I want the same for YOU—to have work + family on your terms with plenty of joy. You can proactively shape the future by the choices you make now.

Living a Crazy, Busy Life

I raised three children while working fulltime. There never seemed to be enough hours in the day to balance family and work, let alone self-care. My kids were thriving … my #1 goal. I understand what you’re trying to achieve. I want to do everything within my power to help you really live life, not merely survive it.

My Health Suffered

After an 18-month medical odyssey, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Nearly 15 years passed before I could say I was finished treating it. I learned that self-care is key to showing up for others and thriving.

My 20-Year Marriage Ended

My husband left abruptly, and I became a single mom overnight. I was devastated … broken. Focused on one breath and step at a time. I parented my teenagers, continued working fulltime, and suffered extreme physical and emotional stress. My health was in more trouble. My energy hit rock bottom. There was little fun at home or work.

New Found Happiness and Health

My family and friends showed up for me and my kids in amazing ways! I relied on healthcare professionals to help put me back together physically and emotionally. I read as much as I could to help me understand my past and the pathway forward.

I met my 2nd husband and he patiently helped me open my heart and heal. My kids continued to thrive and are now gainfully employed college graduates. (Admittedly, I’m one happy, proud mama.)

I learned to ask for and accept help. I learned to share the responsibilities of daily life so that I don’t take on more than I can manage. I found greater happiness than I imagined possible.

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I could talk about the following all day every day:

  • Reviving energy and putting fun back into home and work
  • Raising a happy and healthy family
  • Designing a life that doesn’t entail sacrificing a successful career or your wellbeing

When I’m not busy working on my coaching business, you can catch me eating or sleeping. Seriously. I work on my business all the time because I am so inspired! I’m on a mission to help working moms deploy their unique gifts and talents, raise happy and healthy families with energy and fun. I know for sure you can live your true purpose without being overwhelmed by your to-do list and feeling like you’re falling short on everything. You can go from exhausted to energized and revive the fun mom napping within!

10 Unknown Facts About Me

  1. I go to bed looking forward to my morning cup of coffee.
  2. I really like bowls & blankets because of their comfort value.
  3. Podcasts reduce traffic frustrations because I can listen longer.
  4. I used to clean the entire house after everyone went to bed (still wondering what I was thinking).
  5. My home office consists of sitting on the living room couch with my laptop, tablet, phone, and stacks of books.
  6. When my kids started college, I bought a charm from the bookstore to put on my key ring, so I had something representing each of them with me all the time.
  7. Listening to audiobooks does not prevent me from buying paper versions.
  8. A therapist told me I have an overdeveloped pattern of not wanting to make people feel uncomfortable—I’ve made progress but still have a ways to go.
  9. I’m working on featuring the fun side of me instead of the practical side.
  10. Being at the ocean makes me feel like I am home.