For many Labor Day signals the end of summer, generating feelings of sadness. (That would be me.) For others, it signals anticipation of fall and hope. Regardless of how you feel the context and comfort of season-based routines and rituals have turned upside down in 2020.

I’m especially thinking of those with school-aged children. Parents weren’t supposed to still be working from home juggling online learning and/or the anxiety of sending children back into the classroom, essentially bursting any protective bubble they established against Covid-19.

But here you are.

Here we all are. No matter how you feel as the seasons change from summer to fall and what the rest of 2020 holds, we’re likely in store for twists and turns and feelings of whiplash.

What can you and I do when we feel so out of control?

While several options exist, let’s focus on two actions that are within our control:

  1. Be kind as often as possible.
  2. Manage expectations (yours and others).

Practice Kindness

When you’re overwhelmed, exhausted, and unsure of how to move forward, pause. Take a deep breath. Extend kindness (and grace) to yourself, your kids, partner, coworkers, teachers, and others. Trust that everyone is doing the best they can … especially you. Easier said than done, I know. When there’s no end in sight to the chaos, you’ll feel less overwhelmed and exhausted (and happier) if you’ve extended kindness and grace as often as possible.

Manage Expectations

Living a crazy busy life generates an unending supply of requests and obligations. 2020 has added an additional layer of responsibilities … thick enough to make you often feel like a hot mess 24/7. Managing expectations (yours and others) provides a great way to rid yourself of the guilt and self-doubt from believing you’re not succeeding in any area of your life.

This too is easier said than done. Nonetheless, it’s a crucial skill for succeeding at work and at home (and one your children need to learn too). No one can meet every expectation all the time. Determine what is reasonable and doable for you and own it. No apologies needed! When the chaos ends you’ll still find this skill helpful.

If managing expectations challenges you or keeps you stuck, I’m happy to offer support in any way that’s helpful. See how we can connect below.

Try This!

The following poem comes from a fable by Laura Vanderkam titled Juliet’s School of Possibilities. For me, it sums up an inspired and intentional approach to life. And certainly one that can help close out 2020 and set us up for a better 2021.

I understand that the line “Choose well” may produce feelings of pressure, especially during very uncertain times. Revisit the action of being kind as often as possible. Make the best choices you can at this time (knowing you cannot give what you don’t have). And expect good things from others, knowing they’re trying to choose well too.

Need Support Rebalancing Work + Life?

If you:

  • Might be facing burnout from doing ALL. THE. THINGS.
  • Want to make hybrid work successful for you but don’t have the time or energy to figure out how
  • Are determined to fit work into life (and not the other way around)

I’m your girl! Here’s how to use me as a sounding board:

  • Email me to share your biggest work-life challenge.

  • Get support to rebalance work + life regardless of your starting point.

  • Feel more in control and empowered to work and parent on your terms.

  • Schedule a free 20-minute Zoom call with me.

  • Meet with me via Zoom.

  • Get results so you work and parent on your terms without sacrificing wellbeing.


About the Author

I coach professionals to redefine how to work, parent, and achieve financial freedom without sacrificing wellbeing. Motherhood, marriage, chronic illness, divorce, remarriage, and caring for aging loved ones contribute significantly to my story. Together, we can help you reach your full potential — on your terms.

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